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Nelson McCausland: Orwell’s vision of 1984 has become reality if we can no longer declare man is man and woman is woman

More of us need to speak out against the illiberal agenda being promoted by Stonewall, argues Nelson McCausland

The LGBTQ Pride march in New York earlier this month which highlighted events marking five decades of pride following the 1969 Stonewall Inn police raid that sparked the modern-day gay rights movement
The LGBTQ Pride march in New York earlier this month which highlighted events marking five decades of pride following the 1969 Stonewall Inn police raid that sparked the modern-day gay rights movement
Nelson McCausland

By Nelson McCausland

In George Orwell’s book 1984, the central character Winston Smith talks about the nature of the Party’s power over the people of Oceania. He says the Party insists that people “reject the evidence of your ears and eyes” and believe only what Big Brother tells you to believe.

Against that background, he says: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

Freedom is important, and I want to live in a free society where I have the freedom to “speak the truth”, to say that two and two make four and to say other obvious things, such as that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

However, it seems that we are living in an increasingly Orwellian world, where that freedom is under immediate threat and where dissent is something to be shouted down and silenced.

For me the name ‘Stonewall’ will always be associated with the great Scotch-Irish soldier General Thomas Jefferson ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. However, the name is now more often associated with the largest LGBT lobbying organisation in the United Kingdom.

The Stonewall organisation has an annual budget of £8.5m, 150 staff and an ambitious agenda to change society, including the delivery of a “diversity champions” programme.

It invites public bodies, Government departments and private companies and associations throughout the UK to sign up to this programme, which is then delivered by Stonewall. It includes the ‘T’ of LGBT — ‘transgender’.

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There seems to be a flood of transgenderism in the news these days, with stories about transgender athletes having an unfair advantage in female competitions and some trans-women, who are biologically male, demanding access to women-only changing rooms.

An all-women college at Oxford is now admitting men who identify as women because “gender is a spectrum”, and a Christian teacher was sacked after accidentally “misgendering” a pupil. He had said “well done, girls” to some pupils, one of whom was biologically female but identified as male.

I was, therefore, impressed by a letter that was submitted to the Sunday Times recently by more than 30 British academics, who were alarmed that so many universities were signing up to the Stonewall diversity champions programme.

According to their letter, “the membership requirements of this (Stonewall) programme are in tension with academic freedom”.

For example, universities should outlaw transphobic teaching and research and it defines transphobia as any “denial/refusal to accept” that “trans people are the gender they say they are”.

It seems that, according to Stonewall, it can be transphobic to say that someone who is biologically male is a man and someone who is biologically female is a woman.

The academics wrote that they now felt inhibited from interrogating “the radical shift in thinking that all this implies... in the intimidating atmosphere produced by Stonewall’s influence”.

We should be grateful to these academics for having the courage and the honesty to challenge this, because anyone disagreeing with the Stonewall agenda and the wider transgender agenda is immediately branded transphobic and targeted by transgender activists.

And it’s not only evangelical Christians and social conservatives who are being branded transphobic. Already we have seen feminists such as Germaine Greer and Julie Bindel being targeted by the transgender lobby.

The activists have even invented a term for such feminists, labelling them TERFS (trans-exclusionary radical feminists), and all because they have dared to say that a biological man is a man and a biological woman is a woman.

Last September an advertisement was removed from a billboard in Liverpool. It simply read: ‘Woman, noun, adult human female’, but an activist branded it “transphobic hate speech” and it was taken down.

In the same month in England two women were expelled from a uniformed youth organisation for girls after they objected to the organisation’s decision to allow transgender members and leaders.

So, well done to those 30 British academics. We need more people to speak up in the face of Stonewall’s Orwellian vision for the future — a future that wants to rob us of a fundamental freedom.

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