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Nelson McCausland: Time for Truth? Try this one: the Provisional IRA murdered more innocent people than anyone else

Campaign only wants to know about loyalist and state killings, not those carried out by Provos

Ciaran McAirt (centre) from the Time for Truth campaign, making the announcement that a second march would be held in Belfast to demand funding to deal with the past
Ciaran McAirt (centre) from the Time for Truth campaign, making the announcement that a second march would be held in Belfast to demand funding to deal with the past
Nelson McCausland

By Nelson McCausland

Sinn Fein’s demand for an Irish Language Act is one of the obstacles to the restoration of devolution, but it is not the only problematic issue. The legacy of the Troubles and the investigation of the past are another area of inter-community contention and we have a reminder of that this coming Sunday when around 5,000 people will march to Belfast City Hall.

Three parades will converge in the centre of the city, with one group of marchers coming from the lower Ormeau Road and another from North Queen Street, while the largest group will march from Divis flats.

The event has been organised by the Time for Truth committee and this is the second time they have converged on the City Hall.

Now, the families of victims have a right to demand the truth, but this is a one-sided campaign.

Their focus is entirely on loyalist paramilitaries and the state, and the two are bolted together with accusations of collusion.

The role of the Provisional IRA is ignored; indeed, former members of the Provisional IRA are actually at the heart of the campaign.

Last year’s event was on Sunday, February 25 and it received strong support and participation from members of Sinn Fein, including Gerry Kelly MLA and Caral Ni Chuilin MLA, both of whom served prison sentences for terrorist offences.

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Caral Ni Chuilin was arrested after a bomb attack on the police station in Crumlin and Kelly was given two life sentences for his role in a bombing campaign in England.

Sinn Fein support for the campaign was also evident in a Sinn Fein video posted on Facebook earlier this year.

It was titled ‘Time for Truth campaigners on the streets with petition’ and explained that: “Time for Truth campaigners take to the streets with the aim of getting 50,000 signatures on their petition demanding the British Government reveal the full truth behind the murders of their loved ones.”

The very first person to speak on the video was Sean ‘Spike’ Murray, a former IRA commander and now a senior member of Sinn Fein. He was part of an IRA unit caught ferrying two beer-keg bombs in two cars to Belfast in January 1981.

The arrests led to the discovery of two tons of explosives in an IRA hide in Killough and the following year he was jailed for 12 years for explosives offences.

So, perhaps the Time for Truth campaign could explain if they have asked Sean Murray, or any of the other former IRA men and women with whom they are obviously very familiar, about what ‘truths’ they have to offer us regarding the atrocities, the brutalities, the murder and the mayhem perpetrated by the IRA and then lauded and applauded by Sinn Fein in the pages of An Phoblacht.

Meanwhile, the Time for Truth Twitter feed is busy as they prepare for Sunday and there is a tweet telling us that Robert McClenaghan will be coming along to demand truth. Indeed, they have even posted a video clip of McClenaghan promoting the forthcoming march.

However, there is no mention of the fact that Robert McClenaghan was an IRA bomber and was sentenced to 20 years for terrorist offences. Indeed, he once explained that it was his ‘daily job’ to plant bombs in Belfast.

Time for Truth?

Well, here’s some truth.

Sinn Fein and its fellow-travellers are committed to a strategy of rewriting history by distorting and manipulating history.

Their focus is entirely and exclusively on the security forces, the veterans and loyalist paramilitaries, and the Provisional IRA get a free pass.

Instead of marching to the City Hall, perhaps they could march up to Connolly House and ask for full disclosure, or maybe just start with Gerry Kelly, Sean Murray, Caral Ni Chuilin and Robert McClenaghan.

Surely, it is time for the whole truth about terrorism, including the fact that the IRA murdered more innocent people, both Protestant and Catholic, than any other organisation and Sinn Fein praised them all the way?

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