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Five things we learnt this week

By Noel McAdam

1 Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness' office spent £160,864 on hospitality in the last financial year – though a significant proportion relates to activities in the NI Bureaux offices.

2 New Finance Minister Simon Hamilton (right) intends to fly the Union flag on designated days on departmental buildings.

3 DoE officials are working on leaflets designed to prevent road accidents involving horses.

4 Three cyclists have died in road traffic accidents this year and new research on cyclist safety has been commissioned.

5 Almost 1,900 employers have signed up to the voluntary Youth Employment Scheme.

...and five things to look out for next week

1 Monday next should see the winners from unspent departmental monies in the October monitoring round – with the Housing Executive seeking £10m to buy back some tenant houses.

2 The future of Armagh gaol is being raised by the SDLP's Dominic Bradley (right). It had been earmarked to become a hotel.

3 Sinn Fein has tabled a debate challenging Invest NI's "continuing failure to provide accurate figures for jobs created".

4 Members of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee are to report back from their day out tomorrow to the McNaughton Estate near Bushmills.

5 Justice Minister David Ford is being asked by Sinn Fein to reveal details of discussions with Chief Constable Matt Baggott on the ongoing 'peace camp' and parades at Twaddell Avenue.

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