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A crime-busting solution ... I feel it in my water

By Nuala McKeever

There was a time when the headline ‘Metal Theft’ would make you assume a thief had nicked someone's Black Sabbath record collection.

But not now.

Metal theft is on the increase, to such an extent that thieves are stealing the very copper out of phone wires.

But the wily people at BT say they have a way to catch a thief. It's called Smart Water.

I assumed, on reading that, that it was some sort of drink that would make your brain work 15% better than ordinary water, but no, it's an invisible liquid they put on their wires and cables and which “sticks” to the thieves skin and clothing. What a great idea! So why not douse every TV, mobile phone, bicycle and car in this smart water? It would save a lot of time in court.

The butler did it I feel it in my water.

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