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A history lesson you really need to know about

By Nuala McKeever

When you see old photographs from the Fifties, showing US soldiers standing staring at the mushroom cloud of an exploding nuclear bomb you can’t help wondering, “What were they thinking!?

Didn’t they realise they were being used cynically as guinea pigs by men in ‘high’ places?”

No doubt future generations will look back at us and wonder why we allowed technological giants like Google and Facebook to use us for their own ends.

The latest “outrage” is Google’s new privacy policy which comes into effect this week.

It means they will share your information across all their products, making it a target for hackers and identity theft.

It also raises the prospect of your tastes being revealed to others, whatever those tastes might be and however much you might not want anyone else to know about them. Is it too much to ask that what we look at online could remain our business (as long as it’s legal, of course). I mean if you wanna look up recipes for Roadkill Stew and pictures of Beyonce in the buff, isn’t that your affair? (For example)

If you’re worried, you can still delete your web history by signing in to the Google homepage and changing your settings.

But hurry, offer ends Thursday.

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