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Alasdair’s sinking feeling

By Nuala McKeever

I went souvenir shopping in Belfast this week. I hadn't realised how much ‘Oirish’ oul tat there was out there!

Every Irish name under the clouds can be found on keyrings, shot glasses and genuine Irish linen tea-towels (100% polyester).

If the world doesn't know Titanic was built by Irishmen (tell that to the Yard workers!) and sunk by an Englishman, by now, then it's no fault of the souvenir T-shirt makers.

I'm surprised some of Alasdair McDonnell's statements aren't on display in the shop I visited. As naff things go, they'd fit right in.

His latest was to say that MLAs need more pay and better pensions.

He initially defended his stance in the face of criticism, but then did a U-turn when his party pointed out that their actual policy is for a wage freeze for MLAs.

Y'd'think a doctor would be able to get his finger on the pulse a bit better

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