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An idea to save NHS that’s out of this world

By Nuala McKeever

Edwin Poots is missing a trick. When he next lifts his head from insulting his Assembly colleagues, he might be interested in an idea for raising revenue for the cash-strapped health service.

The Royal Victoria has on loan from space agency Nasa a zero-gravity treadmill.

This swanky piece of kit allows individuals to exercise without putting any weight on limbs, so a man with broken legs can move them and “walk” without pain.

The doctors and physios love it, it’s cutting rehabilitation times and they’d like to keep it.

Unfortunately, like the technology, its price tag is out of this world and it has to go back soon.

But couldn’t they charge healthy people to have a go on it? The money raised could pay for the machine.

Use it for physio in the daytime and for pleasure rides in the evening.

Wouldn’t you pay for the experience of feeling weightless, just for a few minutes? I would.

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