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Angelina is being true to style

By Nuala McKeever

Loved a line from Oscar Wilde I read recently -- "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."

Having been "away" from news for a few weeks, it's been a shock coming back to all the opinions that are out there. The first big "story" I read the other day was about Angelina Jolie having a double mastectomy.

Brave? Ill-advised? Worthy? Attention-seeking? Whatever opinion you want to hold, you'll find someone out there willing to put it forward as fact.

I've realised this past few weeks, more than ever, that there is a need in most of us, but in some of us it dominates, to find something "wrong" no matter what. Probably this stems from fear and insecurity and a long-held, deep down belief that things can't possibly be easy and happy and good. There MUST be something wrong because that's what's familiar.

I have less appetite for opinions, mine or others', recently. Often I feel the world needs my opinion every week like a hole in the head. Who cares really? What does it matter?

Some will agree and some will disagree. And some will disagree no matter what you say, simply because they need to.

So I'll just be myself and try to let others be themselves without the need to fix them.

That should keep me busy for... well, forever really.

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