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Angelina shows us how to fight back

By Nuala McKeever

I’m sure at least some of you have fantasised at some point in your life about being Angelina Jolie.

Maybe not for the tattoos or the very, very skinny upper arms, but perhaps for the thrill of waking up beside Brad Pitt. Or maybe you fancy being Brad, so you can wake up next to Angelina.

Either way, there’s a chance to be like the power couple this Wednesday. Just as they use what they’ve got to stand up for the oppressed and the voiceless in the world, you too could use your body and your voice to stand in solidarity with people whose lives are being badly affected by government policies.

If you’re not a public sector worker whose pension is being cut, you can still attend rallies to support those who are. There is a pernicious, salami-tactic, slicing away of democratic dialogue going on under our noses and this is an opportunity, without having to camp out overnight in an Occupy site, to say “Yes” to an alternative economic strategy — one that doesn’t try to rectify past mistakes by making more mistakes.

Let’s stand together to support decent policies that treat people with respect. If we don’t, it could be the Pitts for all of us.

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