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Are golf gifts par for the course?

By Nuala McKeever

Do you know what struck me (no, not literally on the head) about Rory McIlroy's accidental hitting of a spectator with a ball at the British Open?

The fact that R-Mac gave the poor guy a signed golf glove. Is there a scale of recompense for off-fairway accidents like this? Would a ball in the face merit two gloves and a putter? Would a ball in the back of the knee, leading to a broken leg get the victim a whole bag of clubs?

I've never attended a big golf tournament but if there's a chance of getting something out of it, other than wet, maybe I'll give it a go.

I find the players' fashions rather nauseating. Wonder what the going rate is for bad outfit-induced queasiness? I like the wee buggies they use. D'y'think it'd be pushing it to ask for one of those?


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