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Be crafty and you’ll be able to take it easy

By Nuala McKeever

Did you know August is Craft Month in Belfast?

Lots of craft-related things are going on in the city, very slowly. Basket-weaving, knitting, ceramics.

If you can do it with your hands, it’s happening this month. Slowly. Slow is the theme this year.

No rushing around frantically, just slow down, have a yam (see last week’s column) and give yourself a break.

People are reporting that they feel more relaxed already.

One lady said it was great to ease up. Another said it was a welcome change from her usually hectic work pace. And a man from the planning department said that they hadn’t noticed any difference from usual.

One feature is Street Pianos, “an interactive event where the public is invited to play pianos that have been painted by artists and community groups and placed in locations throughout Belfast”.


Word of advice though... if there’s one near ASDA on the Shore Road, y’know what tune NOT to play ...

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