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Boots turns up the heat on its customers

By Nuala McKeever

Ed Miliband and David Cameron are fighting over which of them truly offers a One Nation approach to the beleaguered country. Well, they'd both be thrilled to know that Boots the chemist is way ahead of them.

On a recent visit to a Belfast branch, I was at the checkout and overheard staff talking about how hot it was in-store. True enough, the day was bright and sunny outside but inside the shop the heat was up high.

"It must be cold in London", one of the assistants mentioned.

Ever the nosy parker, I asked what he meant.

"The heating for all the stores is set centrally," explained his colleague.

"So it doesn't matter what the weather's like here, you just have to take the temperature you're given?" I asked.

"Yip", they answered in unison, wiping their brows delicately in the manner of a Southern Belle on a June afternoon.

One nation indeed.


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