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Bring back direct rule and get things done for ordinary people

By Nuala McKeever

It's funny when you look at those fundamental Christians who shout the loudest about the horrors of fundamental Islam. They fear a takeover by the extreme Muslims. But what is it they actually fear? Do they fear that extreme Islam will turn the clocks back? Or do they just fear that it will turn the clocks back before they get the chance to do it themselves?

Islam is anti-women, right? Treats them like second class citizens or worse, right? We wouldn't stand for that in the West, would we?

In the USA, laws are being passed to allow employers to refuse to cover female employees' contraception on their health insurance, if it goes against the employers' religious beliefs.

Islam is homophobic, right? Wants to punish gays, right? We wouldn't tolerate that sort of horror in the West, would we?

Also in the home of the brave and free, homosexuality is seen as a problem to be cured by the fundamental Christians.

Islam is backward because it wants to stop education and reject Western progress, right?

And what do right-wing, fundamental Christians teach in their schools? The Earth is only 6,000 years old, contraception is wrong, sex outside marriage is wrong, marriage is only for one man one woman and abortion is such a crime, those who practise it or support a woman's right to it should be attacked and killed. Oh, and everyone has the right to kill anyone they don't like the look of and call it self-defence.

The saddest thing is, when it comes to all these retrograde policies and ideologies, we're the same here.

If the US and Northern Ireland keep going the way they're going, by the time the Jihadists reach our shores, they'll find very little to change about our way of life.

We'll already be anti-women (no abortion rights), anti-gay (no blood from homosexual men), anti-science (Creationism), anti-democracy (flegs, Parades Commission rulings etc ) anti-secular (Churches running schools) and anti-Christ (extreme Christians do not practice love and acceptance which is what Jesus Christ preached).

So apart from the weird long robes they like to wear, we're nearly there. And if the KKK bed-sheet-worn-as-threatening-onesie look catches on, we might be joining them in that also.

Peter warns that our very institutions here will be threatened if the Orange Order doesn't get its way over parades. Our institutions will be threatened? Like they're working well anyway?? Like they aren't already a facade covering up ineptitude, inefficiency, lack of will, lack of talent, lack of imagination, ineffectiveness and corruption anyway?

The useless leaders threaten to stop leading and we're supposed to be horrified by that?

Bring it on! Bring it all crashing down. It's not working. Let's get direct rule back. Let's actually get something done around here for ordinary people. Let's get legislation passed rather than simply stalling everything in the quagmire of petty sectarian fiefdoms that our government departments are in practice.

Call his bluff! Let him lose his position. Let them all flock out of Stormont and let's see all those big brains go back to their other jobs as creative intellectuals.

You want to turn the clocks back to the Dark Ages, go ahead and do it on your own time, with your own money.

I, for one, am sick of funding a system that, fundamentally, just doesn't work.

The people we can't stand? Ourselves!

A research project in the USA asked people aged between 18 and 77 to sit alone in a room with no stimulation for between six and 15 minutes.

Afterwards, almost every person reported disliking the experience, some intensely.

Some were so incapable of sitting with their own thoughts, they volunteered to give themselves an electric shock, even though, having experienced the shock once, before going into the room, they'd said they'd pay money not to have the shock a second time.

Any wonder there's so much hate in the world when we can't even bear ourselves for a quarter of an hour?

Why I'm in a tight squeeze

I've been juicing a lot over the past couple of weeks. (I'm not physically leaking juices – that's a whole other story) I refer to the act of juicing – fruit and veg style.

It's a whole new world of taste and energy! One day I do a green one and the next day, in the interests of parity of esteem, I do an orange one. Well, it's red really, but close enough to qualify for a cross community grant, I'm hoping.

I'll keep y'posted on any remarkable results as they come in. So far I've noticed less craving for sweet things and some very startling hues in the bathroom!

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