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BT's price rises have me at end of the line

By Nuala McKeever

Hats off to the marketing people at BT for trying to make a price rise sound as if the company's doing us all a big favour.

Their latest email tells me that last year they froze monthly line rental to make sure the cost wouldn't change until 2012.

They are making some changes in January 2013, but after that the price will be frozen again until 2014. In other words, they're putting the price up. Yearly. Then, even better, they say: "None of our phone or broadband prices will go up by more than 5.9% ..."

5.9%? Inflation's only 2.5%.

Then they, or rather, he, the man sending the email, says: "I can also promise you that your monthly line rental ... etc etc ... will not go up again before 2014." Never bother promising that, just promise us you'll stop trying to make a sow's ear sound like a silk purse. We're not that easily fooled.


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