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Causeway charge is Giant mistake

By Nuala McKeever

Much as I love the great work done by the National Trust, it seems a bit rich for them to object to a golf course being built near the World Heritage Site of the Giant's Causeway on the grounds that it would be unsightly, and then go and build the monstrosity that is the new Visitors' Centre.

Eighteen and a half million quid! For what? What do we need at a place like the Causeway? Not much. And that's what we've got. And they're charging money just to go into the centre, never mind visit the actual stones, which, thankfully, are still free to see.

I was in Spain recently and we were charged €11 each to see a Pirate exhibition.

It amounted to a few boards with writing on them and a couple of swords and pots and coins. Big, fat, hairy and over-priced. Seems like the piratical behaviour has moved north. Shame.


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