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Cecilia, just tell me if it'll rain or not

By Nuala McKeever

Why is there so much news? Doesn't it ever annoy you when you watch TV or listen to the radio, the sheer amount of time spent talking about a 'story'?

How often does the news reader introduce a story, then go over to a reporter who repeats what the introduction has told us, before playing a clip of an interview with a relevant person who tells us pretty much the same as the reporter and the introduction, then the reporter summarises what the person's just told us before handing back to the newsreader who tells us the name of the reporter we've just been listening and what they've been talking about?

Give us a break! Give us a headline and a few facts. That'll do.

The weather's even worse. On and on they go, giving us details of exactly how the clouds are going to move three days from now.

Who cares? Who remembers these details?

If Cecilia Daly just came on and said: "It's gonna be mostly sunny tomorrow with a high of 12 and a low of 4 degrees", that'd be about as much as most of us want and can retain.

All the rest is filler. Why not spit out the headlines and then show us something informative, like a short film on how to take the bus?

Now that would be a public service.


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