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Discover Ireland isn't in fine voiceWell-spoken: no Ulster accents on Downton

By Nuala McKeever

Downton Abbey's back. Hurray! Missed the first episode so had to watch ITV player on computer so had to sit through some advertisements. Boo!

But it was interesting. I watch so little TV in real time any more that I've hardly seen a TV ad in ages. Normally the fast forward button zips through them so you get an idea of what you're missing with no desire to slow down and find out.

But on ITV the other night there was an ad for Northern Ireland - from Discover Ireland. The voice extolled the virtues of Our Time, Our Place - the Giant's Causeway, the Titanic Centre, night life in Belfast. All great craic apparently. The only jarring note was the fact the voice was southern Irish, not actually from here.

Maybe, for the English, our voice is still associated with the Troubles. Whatever the reason, we've still some way to go. It's Our Time, Our Place, but still not Our Accent.


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