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Don’t fall for this high heel tyranny

By Nuala McKeever

High heels. Why? Why do women subject themselves to what is a form of physical torture? And if you say: “Oh no it’s not, my high heels are really comfortable” I’d reply: “Yeah, but give it a few years and you’ll be paying a heavy price in joint and foot problems.

The more I see “celebs” tottering around in six-inch heels with clumpy soles the more they look like slaves.

Slaves who seem to embrace their slavery willingly but who in reality have been brainwashed into doing something that is really bad for them.

If clothes were designed in a similar way, we’d never wear them.

We got rid of obligatory tight corsets once we realised our freedom. They were anti-women.

So are high heels. It’s purely fashion that says they make the female form more attractive.

Fashion used to say smoking made us look sexy. Neither is the truth.

Smokers look like drug addicts. Women staggering around in ridiculous heels look like dolls trapped in someone else’s idea of the ideal female.

It is possible to change fashion. That’s why it’s called fashion. It comes and goes.

I hope the domination of stupid slave shoes will go and not return.

You don’t need to be taller and your bum doesn’t need to stick out for you to look good.

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