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Don't rain blame on Stormont

By Nuala McKeever

Were people really furious with Government after the flooding last week? It's reported that they were. But why? Maybe it's two different mindsets, but I can't understand how blaming the Government can be anyone's first thoughts, when it rains for two hours solid.

Yes, be upset, that's understandable. But to blame anyone for what in essence was a natural disaster is crazy.

I saw a man on TV complaining that no one had brought them sandbags when the rain had been on for half an hour.

Do we really expect our services to be on standby at the top of our roads with sandbags everytime heavy rain is forecast? Would we be prepared to pay what that would cost?

If Government knows there's a problem and neglects to fix it, then complain. But, and this may be even harder for some to accept than the floods, sometimes there just isn't anyone to blame for your misfortune.


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