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Enough of Alex Attwood's suite nothings

By Nuala McKeever

You think Ulster Scots is the worst thing that's ever happened to the English Language?

You haven't heard Alex Attwood's latest then.

To be fair, the Minister himself may not have originated the following phrase, but he's the first person I've heard using it so he gets the buck.

What is this offensive language of which I speak? Well, brace yourselves ...

Having put up for years with the loathsome phrase, "package of measures", trotted out on news programmes every time some government department announces a rehash of ideas to convince voters they're on top of things, we are now to be subjected to the even more cringeworthy term, "a suite of legislation".

A "suite" of legislation?!?!?! Dear God, please, somebody, take that out right now and drown it in a barrel of water!

Make new laws, introduce new legislation, even give us a new package of measures, but please, please... spare us from the suite.


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