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Fans of Lewis drive me crazy

By Nuala McKeever

What is it with young men and the low-slung look? First it was the trousers round the thighs, showing off the branded undercrackers. Now it's the driving that's been hit by the fad of "how low can you go?"

I nearly crashed my car the other day when I glanced sideways at a souped-up bean can overtaking me and saw there was no one driving! OMG!

On second glance I realised there WAS a driver, but he had the driver's seat pushed so far back and was sitting so low down, he was barely visible above the sill of the window.

It looked as if the car was being driven by a floating bad hairdo.

Since then I've spotted a few more "ghost cars" around the town. Are they trying to look a bit Formula One, Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton-esque?

Most of them look like they haven't long stopped having Formula milk, so you'd think they'd want to sit up tall and be seen.

I mean, why pimp your ride so that all the old squares over the age of 25 know you're a force to be reckoned with, in your 1.2 litre two door hatchback, with R plate, and then hide your face? Maybe the R stands for 'reserved'?


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