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Fat chance of healthy recovery with NHS

By Nuala McKeever

What foods should you avoid if you have gall bladder problems? Any animal fats. What is a man in hospital awaiting a gall bladder removal operation offered to eat? Toast, with butter.

When a passing doctor remarks to the nurses that the patient shouldn't be having butter, they look at him blankly.


A study this week shows hospitals are still using eggs and some meats that don't even reach RSPCA standards of care. Holy moly, hospitals are meant to help patients, not make them worse!

I know inappropriate food isn't high on the NHS list of problems but why not? If there was greater understanding of the fact that what you put into your body has a huge impact on how your body behaves, maybe we'd have less illness and easier recovery. If nurses don't even understand this link or don't care about it, what hope have the patients got of being well fed and cared for?


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