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Flagging support for Geri over here

By Nuala McKeever

I hope Next, the clothing chain, aren’t banking on selling too many of Geri Halliwell’s new Union flag range of women’s clothes here.

Her designs are reminiscent of the famous Union flag dress she wore at the Brit Awards way back in the good old days of 1997 when Britannia was Cool, the Spice Girls were all the rage and Victoria Beckham still thought it was okay to smile in public.

I imagine they’re now hoping to cash in on the notion that Britannia is once again cool because of the Olympics.

Over here of course, it’s a bit of a different story. I sometimes see Union flag designs on Next clothes and wonder who buys them here. Sporting that flag as chic daywear is normally reserved for supporters at Northern Ireland football matches or band followers on the 12th of July. A fairly niche crowd, I’d have imagined, and not one that you’d maybe expect to be shopping at Next. Not when Primark is open anyway. (Sorry, was that a bit snobby of me?)

But who knows? In this topsy-turvy world where our esteemed leaders are falling over themselves to attend each other’s cultural games, perhaps Geri’s designs will be worn at Stormont this year. Martin in a red, white and blue bikini, anyone?

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