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Fly the flag! I'll know to send a card to Camilla

By Nuala McKeever

All the fuss over the flag flying has rather glossed over the actual decision that was taken in the council chamber. The flag is to be flown on 18 designated days.

If you look at the list they're mostly birthdays of members of the Royal Family. This is a great thing. It's going to be so handy in future, 'cos y'know what it's like, there's nothing worse than getting to the 17th of July and suddenly realising it's the Duchess of Cornwall's birthday and you'd completely forgotten to send her a card. Again!

Now, you'll be able to look up at the City Hall, see the flag, realise it's her birthday and, while it may be too late to send a card, you can always dash off a quick text. Or, if you're on Facebook, you could always poke her. And then you could wear a T-shirt saying, 'I poked Camilla Parker Bowles!'

Y'see? All it takes is a little imagination to turn a negative into a positive.

Here, that's two T-shirt ideas I've come up with already in this column.

Seriously, I think I'm turning into an entrepreneur. I might apply to go on The Apprentice. Do they do The Old Apprentice? If not, why not? There's ANOTHER good idea. Right, I need to lie down, my brain hurts.


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