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Get another soundbite, David

By Nuala McKeever

What exactly is a “game changer”? This annoying term has become the latest must-overuse expression. According to David Cameron, the Queen's visit to Dublin wasn't just historic. No, it was a game changer.

Ok, I know what he means. The visit was important because it marked a shift in the very relationship between two countries. But does he have to use that expression?

A few years he would have called it a “paradigm shift”. That term was annoying enough, but game changer is even worse. It's trying to be that very “now” concept that's affecting all of public life — accessible and blokey.

No one's allowed to be smart anymore. You have to use only lightweight, populist-speak. “Paradigm shift” is too difficult for the catch-phrase/soundbite generation. So game changer it is.

If I ever use it to describe anything other than a device for changing a game, you have my permission to send me straight to the Big Brother house in the sky.

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