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Give me a break ... does that sound too much to ask?

By Nuala McKeever

On my first night here at this hotel, I had "that" holiday moment.

Y'know the moment when you settle down with a drink and a good book at the bar, happy to be surrounded by foreign voices and then suddenly, across the lavender-scented air comes the unmistakable sound of Norn Iron.

In this case, two families from parts north discussing the merits of the water quality in the swimming pools and the sea.

I guess they'd exhausted the small talk in the first day or two, or maybe Water Quality Debate was scheduled in their daily activities for that evening, just between Silly Games With a Ball And Some Rope Beside the Pool and Cross Dressing Entertainment in the Disco. I kept my book up and ordered my drinks quietly, just to be safe.

Perhaps the other exotic-sounding guests were also having fairly dull chat, but somehow it always sounds more enticing when it's delivered in a musical accent with lots of hand and face gestures.

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