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Have I found key to car crime, officer?

By Nuala McKeever

Is the recent upsurge in car-jacking a reflection of more audacious criminals or simply less able ones?

Are more young men stealing cars from people directly, because they don’t know how to get the vehicles started without a key, due to the increased sophistication of cars’ electronics?

Could this same sophistication which is making life difficult for small garages to treat car trouble, be contributing to the headlines of late? It would be a sad irony if such sophistication of technology and intelligent computer systems has led to this increasingly barbaric behaviour.

Time was all they needed was a coat hanger, now it’s a knife. Police say they’re setting up a new emergency number for this crime. Big deal. The only number that’ll make a difference is a higher number of police available to respond to such crimes and put the hoods off trying it in the first place.

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