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Here’s a novel idea to get us all fitter ... press-ups in the parks

By Nuala McKeever

Belfast is to get nine new ‘outdoor gyms’. These are popular in places like Venice Beach, California, but not so well-known in this part of the world.

Cross trainers, sit-up benches and agility benches are just some of the pieces of equipment that we will be able to use in our local parks.

As someone who used to go running in a park (before I was struck down by a combination of arthritis of the big toe and extreme laziness of the whole body), and used to make do with attempting tricep dips on an ordinary bench, this news is very welcome.

Anything that encourages us to stretch the body, without having to do it in a rather undignified manner because you’re trying to avoid (a) the muddy puddle in front of the bench or (b) the resident dog poo at the side of the bench, is to be applauded.

I feel Madonna arms coming on already

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