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How a council dished up real PR disaster ...

By Nuala McKeever

A nine-year-old girl has been winning praise from foodies after taking pictures of her school dinners and posting them online in her own blog.

No Seconds was started as a project between her and her father. She doesn't slag off all the food, but she does rate the meals for healthiness. The site has even been helping to raise money for school food projects in poorer countries around the world.

This week, however, her local council banned her from showing the meals online after hundreds of thousands of people visited her site - including Jamie Oliver, who praised her efforts while criticising the food.

You'd think it would have been more positive for the council to thank her for showing things as they are, and do something about it.

But, following furious public backlash the council have been forced to do a U-turn - after charitable donations to her site rocketed following the rumpus. Now that's something to make a meal of!

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