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How Justin could cure your fear of spiders

By Nuala McKeever

For all those arachnophobes out there, whose lives are being plagued by the huge spindly spiders that have invaded our houses of late, I have a tip.

I used to be less than enamoured of the creepy crawlie critters myself, years ago. But then I went out with a guy who was absolutely PETRIFIED of spiders. Irrationally so. But then, aren't a lot of phobias rather irrational?

He couldn't sit or sleep in a room if he'd spied a spider in it. If the creature couldn't be found, he'd go out of the house entirely. This made life a bit awkward, as you can imagine.

So I had to develop no fear. I had to become the spider catcher. I had to balance his extreme terror with extreme calm. It was just like having a small child for whom I had to be brave. And it worked. Every time I trapped a spider under an empty glass and put it outside, I'd look at it closely and eventually I saw them as small, scared little things that only wanted to get away.

So find someone even more scared than you and practice being the hero for them. Justin Timberlake, for example, is a total arachnophobe ... look, I'm just saying!

Ok, not easy, but it sure beats weeks of fear and panic.

Good luck ... Oh, what's that behind you? Look out!


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