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How silence on lack of Protestant students is real lesson in how little we have learned here

By Nuala McKeever

Jim Allister's been giving out that there aren't enough Protestants going to universities here. Or rather, that there are more Catholics going than Protestants.

That seems to be his real annoyance. Never mind how we're doing, so long as we're not doing worse than them. (Or ‘worser than themmins’ as we might say if we hadn't been to university )

Once again I thought, “Wouldn't it be refreshing if, just for once, an actual Catholic had made that complaint?”

If Martin McGuinness had taken a moment out of his hectic schedule of being tortured on southern TV, to rush North and lament low standards of educational achievement among working class Protestants?

Just think, EDF could get free footage of all of us, running out into the streets to celebrate with joy, if one of our political leaders actually stepped out of the big square marked ‘Predictible’ and said something non-partisan for once. I might even have to lie down

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