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How soap is turning into TV's new form of sigh-fi

By Nuala McKeever

Tried to watch Luther the other night. Put off by the sighing. Y'know, that style of acting most favoured by every single character in EastEnders? Sorry if you're a fan, but next time you're watching, take note of how often they start their lines with a big exhalation of air.

"Huuuuuuhhhhhh. Fancy a drink tonight then?"

"Huuuuuuhhhhhh. Love to, but I gotta stay in, haven't I?"

"Huuuuuuuhhhh. Wot for?"

"Huuuuuhhhhh. Mum's coming round, innit."



They keep telling us there's tension in Albert Square. Tension? There's more tension in a 10-day-old balloon.

One of the basic rules of acting is that sighing lets out all the tension and the energy of a line.

And besides, it's so

depressing to listen to.

Especially when you

fixate on it and can't stop noticing it and it spoils any otherwise decent shows 'cos all you can do is sit on the settee going: "Why are they all sighing all the time!!!! HHHUUUUUHHHHH!!!!"

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