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I am not mad on work like Christina

By Nuala McKeever

The high-heeled secretary on Mad Men starts the day by removing the cover from her typewriter, settling behind her desk and getting stuck in.

How unlike the work life of our own dear self-employed person nowadays.

I confess the start of my working day is more like this: Wake up, turn on laptop.

Read emails, read BBC news, read online newspapers, read comments from readers, tut a lot.

Scroll through facebook making funny, acerbic or sympathetic comments, depending on the mood.

Check news again, forgetting I've already read it.

Decide to work. Remember I've not checked the weather forecast.

Decide it's important to know what the sky's gonna be doing for the next few days. Here. And in other places.

Places I've been on holiday, places where friends live, places where friends used to live. Check emails again even though nothing new's come in, last peek back at facebook, determined to make a start after that.

Thank god, someone's posted something informative and stimulating so that has to be read immediately (well it's sort of work, isn't it?)

Oh look, it's nearly lunchtime, might as well have a break now and read a chapter of that novel that's really good, well, it's all right, well, it's pretty dull actually, but hey ... it beats work.


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