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I have a bone to pick with TV news

By Nuala McKeever

You're sitting eating your dinner, watching the news, when, without warning, they cut to a reporter standing in an abattoir and show loads of carcasses of cows hanging upside down and pictures of butchers carving up huge hunks of dead flesh. Yuck.

I'm a vegetarian, but even people I know who do eat meat, found that experience this week, very disgusting.

Why is it alright to present death and macabre animal pictures before the watershed with no warning? You wouldn't dream of putting pictures of dead people up suddenly, without alerting viewers.

So why animals? As Jeremy Bentham said, "The question isn't, 'Can they reason?' nor 'Can they talk?', but rather, 'Can they suffer?'"

We have become so removed from the source of what we eat, it's no wonder some meat producers can throw any oul crap into processed products.

If you are prepared to swallow it, they'll give it to you, bigger, cheaper, nastier.

Why don't we eat dead people instead of killing live animals, if we want protein? I reckon there'd be lots of fans just dying to tuck into a bit of their passed away hero. Frozen Elvis burger anyone?

Oh dear, was that too gross? I must've got my sensitivities warped by watching the news this week. Sorry.

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