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If only David Beckham had Van Morrison's sax appeal

By Nuala McKeever

David Beckham and Van Morrison shared the newspaper pages last week as one advertised a new range of underwear and the other was awarded freedom of the city of Belfast.

You'll have assumed by now, if you didn't see the stories yourself, that it was David in the pants and Van with the freedom. That's right.

The other way round would've been interesting, just for a change but. Van the Man(nequin) showing the average male kak-buyer, what he'd really look like in a pair of figure hugging budgie-smugglers and David wandering the streets of east Belfast trying to compose fine lyrics to put to a wonderful melody with a stunning sax solo in the middle.

Given Becks' flair for language, I doubt he could produce an Astral Second never mind Weeks. And Van's probably happier keeping everything, apart from his musical genius, under wraps.

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