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Is conflict far enough in past for Maze plan to have future?

By Nuala McKeever

Am I the only person in NI who's a little unsure about us building a Conflict Transformation Centre at the Maze?

Oh, I'm not bothered about the location of it, just the idea of it.

There seems to be some smugness behind the proposal.

It's as if we've got over our shady past, put it all behind us and are now open for business, ready to tell the rest of the world how to fix their problems.

Perhaps it's being sited at the Maze so visitors coming in don't have to travel through Belfast and see the peacelines, the sectarian graffiti and the sites of mob violence.

Ok, the IRA isn't running its campaign and most of the guns have been taken out of Irish politics.

We've certainly come a long way. But I'm not sure we're yet in a position to teach others.

Unless, of course, the centre is actually being built with us in mind, as the users, the students, the learners. Now there's a thought ...


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