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It's a good cause but celebs make me cringe

By Nuala McKeever

Is it just me or does the whole Stand Up To Cancer celebrity-led jamboree leave you cold too?

I understand the need to raise money for things. I know cancer in all its many forms affects almost everyone directly or indirectly.

And I understand people wanting to do something to help ease suffering.

But the whole, "let's all stand together on one date, once and for all and really show cancer who's boss!" whacky, zany, look-at-us-we're-cool-but-we-can-talk-about-really-serious-things-too-in-the-same-way-we-talk-about-cake-making-or-my-latest-album" approach just makes me want to boke.

I know we have Comic Relief and Sport Relief and Children In Need. I know it seems no-one can just donate money anymore without a girl band singing and shouting "Yay!!! Go Cancer Research!!!!" like anorexic cheerleaders, but please, can we draw the line somewhere?

How can anyone satirise television anymore, when such horrible cringe-making pious self-serving tripe is being served up seriously?

Maybe I'm just gettin' old...


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