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It’s enough to drive us all car-azy ...

By Nuala McKeever

Every morning the Traffic and Travel news on Radio Ulster tells us that “it's heavy on the approaches” down the Ormeau Road.

(Why’s it called ‘news’? It's the same every day. Traffic and Travel Mantra would be more apt. Or even better, T and T Rosary. She says the first half and people everywhere, stuck in their cars, say the second part from memory).

To ease the kind of congestion that not even Top Gear’s Stig could beat, They (the people who do the things we don’t agree with) have built a carpark so drivers can Park and Share. That’s share a lift into town, not share your sarnies or thoughts on how to get rid of the Traffic and Travel Mantra.

It's cost £8m — for a carpark??? I know of several young men with southern accents who would lay a bit of tarmac for a tiny fraction of that.

It’ll be a Park and Ride soon, once They manage to sort out a bus ‘provider’ to operate the service. (Here’s hoping They book a driver, too).

In the meantime, it's a huge empty bit of ground, not much used but locked after 7pm so those people who doggedly enjoy a different type of Park and Ride can’t even get the benefit of it. Now, how much money are we being told to save this year?

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