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It's now time to use your loaf and stop wasting all that good food

By Nuala McKeever

Apparently we throw away a third of all the bread we buy. (Could you imagine what size we'd be if we ate it all?)

They say half a loaf is better than no bread, but perhaps it's also better than a whole loaf. Maybe that's the secret to stopping this huge food waste. Simply buying less.

I often have arguments with myself, especially buying lettuce. "Don't buy all that, you'll end up throwing it out", my sensible half says. "But it's BOGOF! Might as well get two! I'll eat lettuce every meal for a week."

Of course, I don't. And out it goes, almost liquified, because I've kept leaving it, in the pathetic hope that perhaps it'll get fresher if I just don't touch it.

So, I now resolve to take the same attitude to lettuce and bread as I do to facial hair. Less is more. I promise to use my loaf instead of chucking it out.


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