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It's time Sally had a Twitter of sense

By Nuala McKeever

If the comedian Frankie Howerd were still alive he'd no doubt have updated his famous phrase to "Twitter ye not!"

The dangers of sitting in your living room having an online pop at all and sundry and thinking you're safe because you're in your living room, have been demonstrated vividly this last week.

The Speaker's embarrassment, sorry, wife, Sally Bercow has come a cropper. AGAIN!

Maybe she thought her friendship with that tough Traveller Paddy what's his name would keep her protected. Or maybe she's just a silly woman without an ounce of sense. Whatever, she's in the soup for spreading rumours about Top Tory Toff Lord McAlpine, without checking her facts first. (Surprised she wasn't offered a job on Newsnight, with that level of rigour)

Unlike her Tory counterpart, Nadine Dorries, Ms Bercow doesn't need to go to Australia to let it all "hang out". She can reveal herself to be a thoughtless numpty quite happily from the comfort of her residence (or one of them) in the UK.

There's a lesson here for all of us I'm sure: Don't forget if you write something for public consumption it might come back and consume you; don't say anything you wouldn't want the subject to hear. And just to be totally safe, Don't be Sally Bercow.


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