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Jessie J finds out that music bosses won’t change their tune...

By Nuala McKeever

I know you’ll all be shocked and rivetted in equal measure when I tell you that, according to an unauthorised biography, Jessie J is a lesbian and not bisexual, as she has previously said.

If you don’t know who Ms J is then I really can’t help you.

Honestly, make an effort to be down with the kids, at least a little bit!

Even I know who she is and I’m becoming more square by the minute. I don’t much like her songs, but what do I know?

But the claim — denied by the singer — that her record company told her to lie about her lesbianism because it isn’t “cool” enough, struck me as so old-fashioned.

Boy bands used to be encouraged not to be seen with girlfriends so as not to alienate female fans.

But who’s put off by a girl being gay these days?

I doubt Jessie’s music is a hit with the Bible-totin’ youths of today, so what’s the worry?

Her big hit, ‘Price Tag’ may provide a clue.

She’s singing “It’s not about the money”, but it seems the business people behind her aren’t joining in.

For them it IS about the money and gay doesn’t equal such big profits.

Ah dear, the songs may change but the bottom line remains the same.

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