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Just what we need: paid-for nosy neighbours

By Nuala McKeever

In these difficult times, when jobs are hard to get and hold on to, a perfect money-making opportunity for a select type of person has been announced.

Internet Eyes is a website that offers you the chance to watch hours of CCTV footage and, if you spot someone shoplifting or breaking the law and you tell the police — you get paid. There’s a chance to get £1,000 per month. You only have to pay £1.99 per month to join.

Surely this is a dream job for all those people who sit at their computers day in, day out, commenting on everyone else’s behaviour anonymously, from the safety of the back bedroom.

Now you can not only vent that holier-than-thou spleen, but you’ve a chance of winning money too.

Money that you can then spend on antacid tablets for the huge build-up of bile in your guts.

You won’t be sent footage from your area, unfortunately, so no chance to shop people you know. But still, you prefer to do your poking remotely, don’t you? God forbid you’d ever have to put your name to the vitriolic comments you write, without regard to punctuation or grammar.

At last, a way to make that bitter, twisted personality work for you. Hurray!

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