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Kids carry weight of world on shoulders

By Nuala McKeever

Kids nowadays, eh? Who’d want to be one? Seems their chances of growing up normal are diminishing by the report, sorry, the minute.

First it was their necks that were suffering due to bending to look at screens.

Then it was RSI in their thumbs, probably leading to arthritis, due to all that gaming.

And now it’s chronic bad backs due to carrying extra heavy school bags.

Maybe the heavy bags on their backs explains why so many of them carry their blazers at the front, to delicately balance the load.

In my day, bags were only carried on one shoulder, (to carry on both would have singled you out as an extreme geek) leading to extreme pain in one side of the body.

So I sympathise.

But I wonder why pupils have heavy bags at all nowadays.

With everything online, surely they don’t need to carry piles of text books.

What do I know... maybe the weight is from their make-up bags, phones, gameboys and hair gel.

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