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Lego's new pink toys just make me see red

By Nuala McKeever

Boring old Lego, the non-battery operated toy that you'd have thought might have disappeared since the arrival of all things computer, has just announced a huge leap in profits.

Controversially, the increase is mainly from its new range of Lego Friends, aimed at girls. The characters are females, the settings, a vet's, a shop and a beauty parlour. The bricks are in pastels and pinks. It's caused uproar for being sexist.

The company says it consulted mums and daughters. Girls stop playing with ordinary lego at around seven. It's not girly enough. Isn't there somewhere to go between fire and policemen figures and girlies getting their hair done? Couldn't they have female police, fire, rescue figures? When girls see strong females, they're more likely to be strong themselves. Doesn't mean you're not female. Can't you wear pink and still do a "normal" job?

If play is all about stretching the imagination, maybe Lego bosses need to play a bit more.


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