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Let’s hear it for the sound of Moira

By Nuala McKeever

Never thought I’d say this, but there might just be a reason to listen to the Chris Evans show on Radio 2 these days.

Now that Middle East peace talks are back on, newsreader Moira Stuart is once again getting her perfect pronunciation-tongue around the name of the Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.

You and I might say Benjamin but she says “Ben-ya-meen” and where we might gloss over his surname, making it sound like a wee lad from North Belfast givin’ a website address — “Net ‘n’ yahoo” — she gives each syllable enough tongue and teeth and glottal stops to render it positively indecent.

I can’t wait for an anniversary of the death of the late Zimbabwean politician who was in the news when I was growing up.

To hear Ms Perfect Pronounce say Joshua Nkomo again — oh, such exquisite torture — as she turned his surname into a “GULP-komo” would almost make the horror of hearing Chris ‘Eugh-vans’ bearable. Almost.

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