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Let's just hope it's beginners' nerves for this lot ...

By Nuala McKeever

The best of British/Irish to our new ministers up at Stormont. I often wonder how they're getting on.

John O'Dowd in Education. I picture him poring over grammar books, brushing up on his "I saw" and "I dids" as opposed to "I seen" and "I done". But maybe that's just a hopeful dream on my part. I mean, to want an Education minister to speak well, is that too much to ask?

I also picture Michelle O'Neill at Agriculture getting a Fr Ted style quick lesson in animals - "Small cow ... far away cow ... "

Over in Health, I hope Edwin Poots' belief in Creationism vs evolution doesn't hinder his getting the job done in a modern way.

And I look forward to seeing how much the new Arts minister's personal interests impact there. Now the Queen's a fan of the Irish language, will they consider using her as a poster girl for the Irish Language Act? Never say never!

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