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Let’s put words into Nadine’s mouth

By Nuala McKeever

One of the downsides of our Big Brother-style lives now is that there’s less need for Big Brother.

I mean, given our fascination with those who are famous for being famous and their desperate need to be kept in the public eye so as to go on being famous, it doesn’t take any furtive spying to find out what they’re doing.

They tell us at every opportunity.

If it’s not some ex-BB household member parading her bought and paid for’s on a beach somewhere (Imogen Who?) it’s anyone from The Only Way is Essex revealing why they are or aren’t still in the relationship or the show or the dress they were in yesterday. Please, make it stop!

Alternatively, let’s create an alternative.

If Nadine Coyle is going to have her voice subtitled on the next Big Brother show, why don’t they go the whole hog and subtitle everyone on reality shows, only with the subtitles actually saying something actually interesting?

So instead of some Z-list celeb at the smoking area bitching over who stole her hair-straighteners, she could be outlining her response to the UN’s role in Syria. Instead of hair extensions they could debate debt extensions in the eurozone. And instead of voting for each other, they could vote for actual political parties. I’d watch!

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