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Liam will be taken by latest honour

By Nuala McKeever

Congratulations to Liam Neeson. Apparently he's to be granted Freedom of Ballymena. He must be thrilled! Bet there was whoopin' in the big man's house when that news came through.

Let's face it, Oscars, Baftas, worldwide recognition and more money than you could shake several million sticks at, are all well and good, but nothing compares to your home town giving you freedom to graze sheep on any patch of grass in the borough.

It must surely be up there in the "Wow! Look at me, I've arrived!" stakes.

What else does it entitle him to do? Not sure, but he's bound to be excited at the prospect of being able to spend more time in the town, freely. Watch out Fairhill, here he comes!

He'll be in a select club. It's not an honour that's thrown around to any Tom, Dick or Harry. Well, it'd get a bit congested if too many people wanted to be herding their livestock at the same time.

I imagine there must be a few ovine critters in the outskirts of the 'mena tonight who're getting excited at the thought of receiving a call from Liam, saying, in his best Taken voice: "I don't know who you are, but I WILL find you. I WILL graze you...!"


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