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Little wonder young men are feeling fuzzy at this new look

By Nuala McKeever

Recession chic – cup cakes, girls with tattoos and men with beards. Are these three trends a reaction to the insecurity of the times? Are we harking back to safer days of old, when men were wild hunter gatherers and women stayed in the cave to create a home?

So where do the tatts fit in this picture? Are they young women rebelling against being defined as ladylike? And then this fights with their desire to be ladylike and cute and home-makery? Are young women just like todally confused, like?

Beards are everywhere. Turned on the Baftas a coupla weeks ago and it was hairy men central. They're (beards that is) meant to imply that he's hiding something. What are men hiding? Their metrosexuality? Their facial beauty/male grooming routine? They want to be sensitive but they want women to think they can cope like real men, in a crisis? Are young men just like totally confused, like?

I'm like, whatever....

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