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Liza proves we're all in place apart

By Nuala McKeever

The real attitude of the English to the "others" was illustrated, albeit inadvertently, by Liza Tarbuck on her Radio 2 show on Saturday evening.

 In between records she said something like, " but we're in England" in connection with whatever story she was telling.

After the next record she came back on and said she'd been reminded by her producer that not everyone listening was in England and that it is actually the UK. She laughed and added: "I just think of it as England ... " or words to that effect.

Grand, good for her. It may not go down well with us off-shore islanders, but it's the way most English people think. And when I've stayed over there for any length of time, I've seen it that way, too.

The Welsh feel Welsh, the Scottish, Scottish, the English, English.

I reckon Cameron's really afraid of brand UK breaking up and he should have the honesty to say so.

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